Taxi advertisements are seen over 70 million times each year; they are a perpetual 24 hour advertisement. The potential client basis for your business is endless when using taxi advertising.

Using state of the art technology coupled with our team’s innovative design & experience we can tailor your campaign to meet your specific needs.


Wrapping a whole taxi with your brand or company helps your advert stand out to the maximum. Our team of experts will develop a design for your campaign with your specifications and incorporate your business look, style and feel.

Attention to detail is everything here at Astra Digital and it is this crucial aspect of our service that enables us to achieve a high profile presence within the taxi advertising industry. Our team of professionals work hard to identify and understand your corporate individual brand, ethics and services/goods to deliver a unique and distinguished advertising campaign to communicate with your target audience.


Large Audience

It can be very easy for people to avoid print, radio or TV advertisements. Taxi advertisements have a higher level of visibility and simply cannot be avoided.

Better Visibility

Advertising is all about frequency. Since taxis go around the city on a daily basis, people see your company message or product more frequently, building up trust.


Taxi advertising offers complete flexibility that won’t break the bank, choose from Full Liveries and Superside campaigns, or advertise internally using tip seats.

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