Astra Digital now offers promotional billboard people advertisements these large back adverts really do entices people to come and have a look at your promotion the beauty of this format of advertising is that our promotional billboard people can go anywhere to promote to your target audience and potential clients.

Billboard people are perfect for all types of events and are ideal for distributing leaflets direct to your customers hand, there is no better way of getting your message out there, whether it be branding, providing a service or showing off your products. Each customer will walk away with a hard copy of your information.

Our promotional billboard people have a massive 1440mm by 576mm advert at the back, your advert will also be above our promotional persons head at the front giving you extra coverage, the advertising space for the front is 640mm by 576mm driving your message to your potential clients from every angle.

All of our mobile billboards have built in LED lights to help drive home your message to potential clients from every angle even on those dark nights.

Promotional billboard people really stand out from the crowd – make your business get noticed with a campaign in and region across Britain and use our eye catching methods of advertising with branded promotional people.


Billboard people are perfect for all types of events. With leaflet distribution hand to hand and also for a general awareness of new products, services and brands.

Billboard people can go anywhere including City Centre Streets and outside events and venues there are absolutely no restrictions when getting your message across to your potential customers.



Billboard people are the ultimate form of Eco-Friendy advertising, No engines, generators or fuel use in sight, no noise or pollution.  Billboard people are simple taking a stroll whilst at the same time advertising your business or product, our leaflets are also 100% biodegradable.

Advertise Anywhere

Many traditional forms or adverting mediums have limited reach due to either access or legal restrictions. Our Billboard people simply hold leaflet distribution licences so can reach more people by having access to more places including pedestrianised areas and shopping centres.

Multiple Uses

Billboard people advertising is completely versatile and can be used for any number of different promotions including leaflet distribution, product sample giveaways, event awareness or plain and simple brand/product awareness.

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